Jumping On The Digital ‘Brand-Wagon’

We’re all aboard the social media train – full speed ahead. While we’re on it, you can use it to your advantage; to create your digital brand, strengthen your online presence and build a network of connections.

Though, to begin with, what actually is a digital brand?

Your digital brand is basically your online image and reputation. It’s how your readers, followers, subscribers – everyone who’s a consumer of your content – view you, as well as their opinion of you.

“There’s a difference between a brand name, and a brand. Your brand name is tangible and people can see it, while your brand, however, only exists in the mind of your customers – it’s what they think of when they hear your name.”MediaVision

But why does this matter to you?

Well, having a strong digital brand and a positive online presence is like having 5-star ratings. For businesses, it means their consumers believe in the company’s quality or service; for social media influencers (like Youtube vloggers, Instagram influencers, and bloggers) it can mean they give honest recommendations, are loyal to their subscribers and followers, and curate fresh, interesting, quality content.

“Their [Youtube vloggers’] cultural influence may outweigh their commercial influence, in many cases, and that’s not necessarily a problem.”The Guardian

However, having a strong digital brand and online presence is not only of relevance to those with a career in the digital world. It can be beneficial for everyone to be socially aware online – even just the everyday person, like you!

Building your digital brand doesn’t have to sound like a daunting concept. It can be easy and simple to make connections and start to build a network of people. Starting or revamping your LinkedIn account is a great place to start. On LinkedIn you can reach out to classmates, colleagues, professors, as well as both current and prospective employers. It can be beneficial to have a strong online presence if a company would like to connect with you (or vice versa), especially in our ever-changing evolved digital social world.

Building your digital brand can also be a valuable asset for you to share your opinions and perspective in the online world. With a vast array of social media platforms available, and various niche markets you may have an interest in, if you have a strong, genuine digital brand and online reputation it can help you to find likeminded individuals with the same interests.

On the business side, a strong digital brand can help a company, whether its well-known or a start-up, to thrive. By having a strong online presence, and a good social media reputation, consumers are more likely to enjoy the personal experience and be loyal to the brand. Online influencers with genuine opinions, recommendations, and exciting curated content also generate loyal followers.

What’s your online presence like on social media? Is your digital brand strong and positive? Do you voice your opinions via a channel on Youtube, or perhaps from your Facebook or Twitter account? Let’s start a discussion, share your thoughts in the comments.

See you around!

digital brand
Building a strong digital brand can be simple but very valuable.

Social Media Uprising: The Jobs They Are A-Changin’

Like Bob Dylan wrote, The Times They Are A-Changin’ but right now, more specifically, the jobs they are a-changin’ since the ever-growing expansion of the social media uprising.

Since social media’s humble beginnings on websites like Six Degrees, sparking the fire of our society of blogging and instant messaging we have today, it’s been full steam ahead ever since the mid 90s. Social media opened doors allowing us to connect with old friends or make new connections with people who share the same interests as our own. It gave us a voice to share our opinions, likes, dislikes – pretty much whatever was of interest.

Now, it’s 2017 – popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (just to name a few!) let you build a network or following of people, to build and establish connections. Online platforms are no longer just used to share a funny post with friends. They’re used to spread news, businesses big or small can have an online presence and connect with consumers, people can build their entire careers online as social media influencers.

Careers that didn’t even exist 10 years ago are prominent in our everyday society. Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram and noticed celebrities or well-known people, even just anyone who has built their digital brand and has a substantial following, promoting products?

“Use my code 10SALE to get 10% off you next order from whatever company!”

“I absolutely adore these shoes I got from so and so shoe business! Definitely check them out!”

Some of these savvy social media influencers can be quite direct with their approach to advertising the sponsored brands they are being paid to promote, whilst others try to be subtle by recommending products that they genuinely support and being more refined with their promotional methods. A subtler approach can help followers feel a friendlier tone and usually you won’t even recognise that an advertisement is being targeted at you! It’s a very clever marketing tactic for company’s to use social media influencers’ trustworthy and reliable relationship they have with their followers for advertising to consumer’s in our online savvy society.

Speaking of our society today, our careers! With social media constantly evolving and improving; this not only means the online platforms are becoming more efficient to use and have more functionality, it also means the jobs that exist now are changing and new ones are developing. For example, five job areas which exist today thanks to social media are: app development, web design, security specialist/hacker, digital marketing, and of course, being a blogger!

In the instance of digital marketing, social media evolved this concept from traditional marketing. Although it may seem like a battle of digital vs. traditional in regards to marketing, it is actually not a case of survival of the fittest. Traditional marketing strategies are still necessary to understand the industry of marketing itself, but with the today’s era of online, traditional marketing specialists must learn the ways of digital marketing to stay up-to-date with the most effective strategies for our evolved society! This concept of needing both the ‘old and new’ can be applied to many different industry areas as well, such as traditional journalism vs. citizen journalism.

It’s an interesting notion that career opportunities are always evolving with our societal needs and wants. We are constantly striving to evolve and improve in all areas of life. It’s essential, and basically unavoidable, to jump on board with the new strategies in our digital world.

What do you think? Leave a comment on any other careers you can think of that were created thanks to the boom of the social media era. Do you agree that we need both ‘old and new’ concepts, or do you have a different opinion? Let me know, let’s start a discussion.

See you around!

Turning a hobby of blogging into a career as an online influence. (Photo sourced from Pexels.com)